Karin Dom Foundation, with the support of VELUX Foundations, Varna Municipality, the Chamber of Architects and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, is pleased to invite all architects from all over the world who are willing to work on, and are interested in social projects, to participate in an international competition for a new Karin Dom building.

We look forward to your ideas!

About Karin Dom

Karin Dom Foundation is one of the first organizations in Bulgaria to create alternative to the institutions model for services and care for children with special needs and their families. It was established in 1994 by the diplomat Ivan Stancioff, who attracted and inspired donors and specialists in order to prove that there are not “uneducable” children.

Currently, Karin Dom is an organization with a leading role in provision of services for children with special needs and their families that introduces in its practice and disseminates through trainings evidence-based, effective approaches to work. The organization believes that every child deserves the right to a happy childhood and unites for its cause community in order to make it happen.

All of Karin Dom’s activities have been brought together under the roof of the former villa of the Stancioff family built in 1908, which does not meet the needs of the organization to develop its services and trainings.

For that reason in 2019 Varna Municipal Council decided to donate a plot to Karin Dom with the purpose of construction of a new building. Funding for this new building is provided by the Velux Foundations.

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Competition goals

With the new building and the adjacent yard Karin Dom aims to:

create an environment for early childhood development that supports children and families
provide comprehensive services for children with special needs and their families that develop the children’s potential and support their successful integration in kindergartens, schools and society as a whole
create a learning space for children, parents, students and professionals by sharing its best practices
be a center for exchange of knowledge and research with universities and service providers in the country and abroad
be a place for events and campaigns that bring a spirit of benevolence and tolerance

Competition area

The competition property has an area of 2450m2.
The permissible planned development can be located freely within the property.

The plot is close to one of Varna’s main boulevards - Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., a communication artery that connects the Sea Park and the central part with the western part of the city.
According to budgetary requirements, the total above-ground development should be designed to about 1800 square meters.

The maximum height of the building is up to 15 meters cornice and up to 5 floors.

Recommended design of maximum development density of the underground floor - 600m2
The project should ensure that the optimal number of existing tree species is preserved.

It provides free yard space for the needs of Karin Dom of park and children’s playground.


19 November 2019 Official opening of the competition
10 February 2020 Deadline for questions
19 February 2020 Deadline for project submission
29 February 2020 -
4 March 2020
Work of the jury and announcement
of competition results

Project requirements

simple, clear layout, easily understood by all users; ergonomic and accessable by wheel chairs
good sight lines and protection from accidents in the areas, designated for the children
high quality of the design in the social, economic and ecological areas
spaces should meet the current and future needs of children
pleasant spaces with respect to all needs for thermal comfort; ventilation and hygiene
positive impact of the environment on children’s sensory experience

Jury Panel


Georgi Bogdanov

Chairman of Karin Dom Foundation with considerable experience in managing Bulgarian and international child protection networks.


Maya Doneva

Executive director of Karin Dom Foundation, international consultant and lecturer on the topics of social innovations and active citizenship.


arch. Victor Buzev

Chief Architect of the city of Varna; with experience at the same position in the municipalities of Bjala and Balchik, and the Varna’s region ‘Asparuhovo”.


arch. Martin Hristov

Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria - Varna. Co-founder of E-Arch Studio, who have designed a number of residential and public buildings in Varna and the region.


Arch. Borislav Georgiev

Founder and manager of design bureau Erta Consult Ltd. with experience in the design of public buildings in the field of education and social policy. Certified Passive House Designer (PHI).


Arch. Hristo Stankushev

Founder and CEO of 7561 architects, co-founder of architecture and design studio dontDIY, co-founder of furniture brand almost. In his years of practice. Won several awards while his projects have been published across the globe in media such as Wallpaper*, Frame, dezeen, A10 and Bravacasa.


Arch. Aneta Vasileva

Architect, architecture critic, publicist and educator. Co-founder of WhAT Association - a multidisciplinary architecture and design organization.


Arch. Felix Yaparsidi

Associate at E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert Architekten, Zürich. Winner of the RIBA AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE 2018. Co-founder of FEAT.collective ( Member of the `German National Academic Foundation`


Prof. Oscar Eugenieo Bellini

Architect, Phd, he is Associate Professor in Building Technology at the Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (ABC Department.) of the School AUIC of Politecnico di Milano. He is the author of several scientific publicatisons and he designed lots of public buildings.

Reserve members


Arch. Belin Mollov

Director of KNIPI "Sofproekt" - general plan /1981 - 1990/, councilor in the Municipal Council and former deputy. Minister of Works, co-chairman of the negotiating position "Regional Policy" in the Treaty of Accession of Bulgaria to the EU, Advisor to the Minister of RBD Lecturer specialty urbanism at the University, moderator of Public forums. Artist - many solo exhibitions.


First prize
EUR 5,000
+ contract + publications
Second prize
EUR 3,000
+ publications
Third prize
EUR 2,000
+ publications
the first-ranked participant
will be invited to sign an agreement
for development of a technical and working investment project
and author’s supervision for the new building.